Faith and Mission

Federation Prayer            

Holy Father, God of Love
You are the Creator of this land and of all good things.

Bless the Federation of Catholic Regional College, who,
through your servant Fr John O’Reilly,
You inspired and gave vision to.

As individuals, we are called to service and sacrifice, to take up our cross daily.
Inspired by the Gospels, may we emulate your Son,
through compassion and goodwill,
and by sharing in the Eucharist, in solidarity with one another.

As a community, we look to welcome new members into our ellipse,
which is bound together by the love of Christ,
in which all are accepted and unified.
Give us the strength to be true disciples in our ministry to others.

In our schools, we are challenged in our learning to do our best each day.
Allow us to use our God given gifts and unique talents.
May we live out the message of Jesus Christ, through encouraging education,
in the North-Western  suburbs of Melbourne for all young people.

We celebrate the diversity within our Federation,
and foster reconciliation as people under the Southern Cross.

Bless us, your sons and daughters who form this community.
May the light of our Federation shine upon all your people.