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College History

Key Dates in the development of Catholic Regional College

Year 1970’s
Late 1976: Initial meeting of parish priests of the area to look at establishing Catholic secondary education in the outer north-west. Sydenham Planning Committee established.
25 March 1977: Planning committee to develop Catholic secondary education in the area established.
19 April 1977: First meeting of the planning committee.
28 May 1977:  Decision made that the first campus of the College would open at St Albans in February 1978.
July 1977: Decision that the schools in the Federation would be known as Catholic Regional College
September 1977: Appointment of Sr. Sylvia Williams as the founding principal of Catholic Regional College St Albans.
November 1977:  Refurbishment of 4 classrooms to accommodate the new College.
February 1978:  Catholic Regional College St Albans commences with 146 Year 7 students and 6 staff.


Year 1980’s
February 1980: Catholic Regional College Melton opens.
February 1981: First year of a full College at St Albans with 610 students.
May 1981:  First building project: Double storey Theodore Street building is completed. The College now has a library and facilities for Science and Food Technology.
21 June 1981: Official opening and blessing of Catholic Regional College St Albans on the Sunday following the Feast of Corpus Christi.
February 1982: Catholic Regional Colleges Sydenham and North Keilor open.
04 June 1982: First Wednesday morning mass.
11 June 1982:  First intercampus Feast Day held.
December 1983: Foundation students complete HSC and graduate from the College.
February 1986:  Brian O’Loughlin begins as Principal.


Year 1990’s
1990: Development of the first iteration of the College Mission Understanding.
Circa 1995:  College cross and logo were developed.
1998:  Introduction of Vertical Homeroom pastoral structure.
1990 – 2000:  This decade might be referred to as the building era. During this time the College developed the following: Arts Building (1990), Williams (1993), Hall (1995), Classrooms Stage 1 (1998) and Classrooms Stage 2 (2000).


Year 2000’s
2005 – 2006: Development of the Federation logo, Federation Vision and Mission and the design of a new Federation uniform.
February 2007: Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs opens.
Christina Utri begins as Principal.


Year 2010’s
2010 – 2011:  Building of the Language Centre / Landscaping of the School Grounds / development of the oval.
2011:  Introduction of the year level based pastoral structure.