Care, Safety and Welfare of Students

MACS Anaphylaxis Management Policy June 2021 

MACS Anti Bullying (incl. Cyberbullying) Policy May 2021 

MACS Attendance Policy May 2021

MACS Duty of Care Guidelines May 2021 

MACS First Aid Guidelines May 2021 

MACS ICT Acceptable Use Policy May 2021 

MACS Pastoral Care of Students policy June 2021 

MACS Student Behaviour Policy June 2021 

MACS Supervision Policy May 2021 

Child Safety

CECV Commitment to Child Safety

MACS Child Abuse Support

MACS Child Safety Code of Conduct

MACS Child Safety Policy

MACS PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations

MACS Reportable Conduct

MACS Staff Recruitment

Complaints Handling

MACS Complaints Handling policy

MACS Roles and Responsibilities – Complaints Handling


MACS Curriculum Plan June 2021

MACS Assessment and Reporting Policy June 2021

MACS Requirements for Curriculum Provision Assessment and Reporting Guidelines June 2021

MACS Assessment and Reporting Procedures June 2021


MACS Student Retention Policy June 2021

MACS Student Accelaration Policy June 2021

MACS School Fees and charges policy June 2021

MACS Enrolment Policy Secondary June 2021

MACS Enrolment Procedures for MACS schools June 2021

MACS Dependant International Student Application Form June 2021

MACS Dependant full fee paying overseas students (FFPOS) application June 2021

MACS Application for Repeating a Year Level Form 1A June 2021

Enrolment Pack

MACS Enrolment form June 2021

MACS Minimum Age Exemption Application June 2021

MACS Parent Guardian Carer code of conduct June 2021

MACS Photographic permission form June 2021

MACS Standard Collection Notice June 2021

MACS School Enrolment Agreement June 2021

MACS Family Occupation List June 2021

MACS School Privacy Policy June 2021

MACS Student Code of Conduct June 2021

General Policies

Building Positive Relationships

Whistleblower Policy