Our College

Mission Understanding 

At Catholic Regional College St Albans we strive to live as people of faith and hope, people who are open to the wonder and possibilities that the Kingdom of God will bring.

Central to our mission is Jesus’ call to love one another as he loved us. His invitation is simple yet challenging.

We believe that:

  • Each person is sacred and created in the image of God; and that we need to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • It is through giving and receiving love that we grow.
  • Our school needs to be a secure and welcoming place, one where students, their families and staff experience belonging, support and trust.

Each person in this school community is:

We see learning as a lifelong opportunity to discover our particular gifts and talents, and invite students to explore their personal potential through challenging learning experiences. Our approach to learning is person centred, holistic and integrates spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each person, embrace difference, appreciate our essential interdependence and seek to build strong, positive relationships that respect and value diversity.

We are aware that young people are at many different stages in their faith and personal development. We recognize that it is important to support them as they search and question, and to continually invite them to see the possibilities within themselves.

As members of the global community it is important that our students learn to live in right relationship with others, their environment and themselves. They will need to be responsible, compassionate and active citizens who work towards creating a world where all people are treated with justice and have equal worth and dignity.

We understand that growth involves risk and the freedom to try things. In this process each of us will make mistakes, and with support will learn and grow from our experiences.

We believe that reflection and stillness need to be part of a balanced life for staff and students, as it is only in the quiet of our hearts that we become aware of what God is calling us to be. The Eucharist and prayer continue to be our cornerstone.

Catholic Regional College St Albans is a ‘Work in Progress’ and we are aware that our work is far from finished. We continue to search for new ways to live the Eucharist: to care for each other, to learn together and to grow as a dynamic community of faith.

A spirit of daring to believe that anything is possible brought about the beginning of the College and is at the heart of the St Albans community. We take pride in this tradition and through our response to Jesus’ invitation to love hope to continue God’s Work in Progress.