Faith and Mission

Federation Vision and Logo

Who do you say I am?

 As the Federation of Catholic Regional College we seek to know God by being …

A Eucharistic people: called, invited and challenged.

A missionary people: chosen to minister.

A hope-filled people: open to the possibility of God’s kingdom.

A serving people: walking with others in compassion and love

A sacramental people: responding to the presence of God in each other and in the world.


At the heart of the vision of the Federation of Catholic Regional College, and touching all that it does, stands the Eucharist. The most profound of all Catholic rituals, the Eucharist makes visible the Christ we seek to know. In the Eucharist we find ourselves; called, invited and challenged.

Jesus taught that his disciples must be prepared to serve – to the cross. The cross reminds us of our life journey, walked in the companionship of others. It speaks of our obligation to be a distinctive community; to be followers who lead with compassion and teach with love. In the shadow of the cross we find hope for a promised future.

As a formal educational endeavour, Catholic Regional College seeks to live a spirit of learning which celebrates personal excellence and values individual achievement. In the symbol of the open, unfinished book, we proclaim ourselves as a people open to the possibility of what is to come.

In the five stars of the Southern Cross, we identify the broad Australian context within which the Federation operates. In acknowledging the cultural, social, economic and spiritual diversity within the families of the western suburbs of Melbourne in which we have chosen to minister, we recognise the traditional owners of the land on which our colleges are built; the Wurundjeri people.

Encompassing all, the ellipse demonstrates the binding commitment each College has to the other and to the vision we uphold. Deliberately different, the ellipse holds fast to the lived reality of the Federation of Catholic Regional College, without parallel in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.